PowerBuilder 2019 R3 New Features - PowerClient

PowerClient - Automated App Deployment

PowerClient securely automates the installation and update of client/server apps over HTTPS without requiring admin rights. The app files are encrypted, digitally signed, and verified for integrity before executing. It eliminates the headaches and costs associated with creating installation programs, deploying apps to users, and keeping apps updated.

Requires No Code Changes

PowerClient does not require any code changes to benefit from this great new feature – just configure & deploy. All the app files are encrypted and deployed to a Web server, then the app is distributed from the Web server over HTTPS to end users. The Web server can be installed on-premise or hosted over the Internet.

Packages All Necessary Files

Packages all app resource files, including PBRs, OCXs/DLLs, images, INIs, etc. and the PowerBuilder Runtime (PBVM). The packaged files can be compressed or uncompressed, and images can be dynamically loaded. It also supports automatically registering OCXs/DLLs.

Secures Your Application

Secures your app by encrypting all the compiled p-code files to prevent source code theft or tampering, validating integrity before executing to avoid executing harmful files, and digitally signing the app conform to security best practices. Also, the app deployment process is designed to not require admin rights so it is compatible with high-security configurations.

Installs Seamlessly

Installs seamlessly without admin rights by the user simply clicking a hyperlink or entering the URL in a Web browser or it can be pre-installed as an .MSI. Your application automatically installed to the user’s machine and started. Desktop and Start menu shortcuts can also be created.

Updates Automatically

Updates your application automatically each time the app is started. It also supports configuring various update strategies, such as always update, never update, minimum required version, and what date and time to release updates.

Evaluate PowerClient Today!

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