San Francisco, California – July 31, 2018 – Appeon, a provider of software for accelerating the development of data-rich business apps, today announced the general availability of PowerBuilder 2017 R3. PowerBuilder 2017 R3 is a revision of PowerBuilder 2017, which was Appeon’s first new installment of the PowerBuilder development platform. This revision keeps marching PowerBuilder forward towards the cloud and a .NET middle tier. It provides major enhancements for consuming REST Web APIs and it bundles the .NET version of PowerServer Web, which is Appeon’s solution for cloudifying existing client/server projects with minimal effort. Together with the fact that it is a Long-Term Support version, Appeon is recommending all customers to upgrade to PowerBuilder 2017 R3.

 What’s New?

PowerBuilder 2017 R3 enhances PowerBuilder projects with a number of notable new features, especially related to the cloud and .NET:

  • Web App Conversion* – Powered by PowerServer Web, rapidly cloudify your existing client/server projects with minimal effort. Web apps deploy to the .NET framework and execute either in leading Web browsers or standalone as Installable Web Apps. (*Production servers are licensed separately.)
  • DataWindow JSON Enhancements – Easily exchange JSON-formatted data between DataWindows and REST Web APIs using newly-added JSON functions. DataWindow metadata is supported, and multiple DataWindows can be mapped to a single REST Web API for better performance.
  • Strong Encryption – Transfer data securely by applying today’s strongest asymmetric and symmetric encryption algorithms. All key encryption-related steps from generating keys to verifying data integrity can be performed in PowerBuilder.
  • OAuth 2.0 Compatibility – Provides an OAuth 2.0 client for two or three-legged authentication to protected HTTP resources over TLS 1.2, such as REST Web APIs. Support for tokens has also been integrated in the HTTP/REST clients.
  • Data Encoding – Encode your data to be compatible with REST Web APIs or other HTTP resources by applying various encoding methods, such as HEX, BASE64, and URL.
  • Tortoise Integration – More source control functions are provided inside the PowerBuilder IDE, such as Get/Release Lock, Diff, Show Log, and Open Containing Folder, and integration with Tortoise clients allows convenient access to virtually any functionality desired.
  • Secure PDF Generation – Protect the data in your PDFs by configuring password requirements and restrictions to reduce the likelihood of unauthorized access, copying, editing, printing, etc. PDFs are now generated in memory rather than on disk for increased security.

How Do I Get Started?

PowerBuilder 2017 R3 is now generally available for evaluation, upgrade, or new purchase. Free trial versions of the product are fully functional for a period of 30 days, and a free self-guided training course is available for developers new to PowerBuilder. Customers who have already purchased PowerBuilder 2017 can download the paid version from the Appeon Website. New customers can purchase PowerBuilder 2017 R3 directly from Appeon or local authorized resellers (in certain regions).

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