Phenomenon: For the client who uses ASA 10 or ASA 11 or ASA 12, if the client only selected PB 10.5 or selected multi PB versions but the highest one is PB 10.5 when installing the Appeon developer, then it will run into the problem as below during the deployment process when the client deploys the Appeon demo application.

Note: This problem won't occur if the client selected PB 10.5 and the other PB versions which are higher than PB 10.5 (such as PB 11.5 and PB 12.5) together when installing the Appeon developer.


And when the clients tests the connection for the AppeonSample in the ODBC Data Source Administrator-> System DSN then it will run into the error as below.


Cause: This issue is caused by the unmatched version between the AppeonSample.db file and database engine, which leads to the connection failure.


Use the attached db file to replace your existing db file (FYI, you can find the directory from ODBC Data Source Administrator).