PowerServer offers both standard and premium support.

The standard support is offered on a subscription basis. It is automatically included in the subscription license, requires a separate purchase for a perpetual license, which is mandatory for the first year.

The premium support is offered on a per ticket basis and requires a separate purchase.

The standard support entitles you to report product bugs, receive bug fixes, and versions updates during the subscription term. For more information, refer to our support policy.

In addition, you are welcome to use the various free online technical resources offered by Appeon, such as knowledgebase articlescommunity forum, and Appeon-U.

You will get help from Appeon’s professional staff for a variety of issues not covered under the standard support policy, for example assistance with configuration issues. For more information, refer to our premium support policy.
  • For subscription license, the expiration of support means the expiration of your subscription. After that, your apps deployed with PowerServer will cease to operate.
  • For perpetual license, apps deployed with PowerServer will continue to operate even if the standard support has expired. You will no longer be entitled to receive bug fixes or new versions. You will not be able to reinstate standard support if you let it expire for more than six months.

    You are eligible to receive updates, which include bug fixes and new versions of the software, if you meet all the following requirements:

    • You legally obtained the software from Appeon or authorized reseller;
    • You have purchased a standard support for all copies of the software; and standard support has been continuously renewed (i.e. no lapse in coverage).

      Both our standard and premium support plans have response time targets for cases received during our standard business hours (excluding holidays); however, due to the complexity and unpredictable nature we do not guarantee that your system will achieve a particular uptime or a particular issue will be resolved in a specific period of time. If your project requires SLAs or 24/7 support please contact the Appeon sales dept. to discuss a custom support solution for your organization.