Subscription products are licensed on a named user basis. The number of subscriptions that you need to purchase should at least match your team size. The most common scenario where you may need additional licenses is if a particular named user needs to SIMULTANEOUSLY run multiple instances of the product on multiple machines (regardless physical or virtual).

Appeon provides a new standalone compiler that can be installed independent of the PowerBuilder IDE.  If you don’t require the use of the PowerBuilder IDE for your build machines then you do not need any additional subscriptions.

An Appeon software license may be transferred, for use by the original customer, by following the license deactivation process outlined in the applicable product manual. In the case of a Seat License, the license can be transferred from one named developer to another named developer who is performing services on behalf of the same customer.  In the case of a Server License or a User Session License, the license can be transferred from one server to another server (including virtualized servers) that is solely used by the same customer.  If any questions about Appeon’s licensing policy please contact the Appeon sales dept.